Auditor negligence claims

Auditor Negligence Claims – A Practical Guide

In this practical guide we seek to answer the initial questions that corporate representatives and stakeholders are likely to have about pursuing a claim for damages for professional negligence against an auditor.

Tax penalties

Tax Penalties – How To Avoid Liability

In this article we discuss the tax penalty process and explain how we can assist taxpayers to avoid liability for substantial penalties by pursuing an appeal and/or a professional negligence claim.

Litigant in person

Litigant In Person – A cost saving or fool’s errand?

In this guide we examine a range of factors to consider when deciding whether to bring or defend a claim as a litigant in person and by answering a series of practical questions.

Professional negligence no win no fee

Professional Negligence No Win No Fee

In this helpful guide we explain how professional negligence no win no fee agreements operate, what the advantages and disadvantages associated with them are and when an alternative funding arrangement might be more suitable.

Requesting a solicitors' file

Requesting a solicitors’ file – A client guide

In this quick-reference guide we set out to identify and answer many of the questions that clients have about requesting a solicitors’ file.

Financial Ombudsman Service

Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service – An Essential Guide

In this practical guide we provide essential information and advice to anyone who is considering making a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Examples of Solicitor Negligence

Examples of Solicitor Negligence

In this insightful article, we provide a range of examples of solicitor negligence which cover different legal practice areas and which are based on actual cases that have come before the courts.

Negligent will writing

Negligent Will Writing & Probate –
Five Common Mistakes

In this article we reveal negligent will writing mistakes commonly made by solicitors and will writers undertaking wills and probate work.

Third party claims

Third Party Claims – A Film Finance Scheme Epic

In this article we report on what will undoubtedly be one of the most significant professional negligence judgments of 2022, arising from third party claims against a leading tax barrister.

Business email compromise

Business Email Compromise –
Recovering the loss

In this article we examine both the nature of business email compromise and the potential to recover the significant financial loss often suffered from it.

Elliott v Hattens Solicitors

Elliott v Hattens Solicitors – Ahoy the rocks of limitation!

In this case report we examine the decision of the Court of Appeal as to when the claimant’s professional negligence claim arose under the Limitation Act 1980.

Claims against administrators

Top Five Claims Against Administrators

In this insightful article we identify and comment upon the leading reported cases involving claims against administrators appointed under the Insolvency Act 1986.