Bring a claim

Mistakes will happen:

The world in which we live and the rules, processes and procedures that govern us have become ever more complicated. As such, whether we are in business or acting in a private capacity, it is often only a matter of time before we need to rely on a professional for guidance and assistance.

Happily, in the majority of cases, that reliance is not mis-placed: more often than not the professionals we retain provide a good standard of service, usually in compliance with the rules laid down by the regulatory bodies that govern them. However, it is inevitable that mistakes will happen and, when they do, it is regrettable that the consequences can be financially and emotionally disastrous for the individuals and businesses involved.

It is for this reason that most professionals carry professional indemnity insurance, not only to protect themselves, but their clients too.

How we can assist:

If you or your business is in the unfortunate position of having suffered financial loss and if it appears that a professional adviser may be at fault, we can assist you in pursuing a claim for compensation.

At PNC Legal we provide specialist legal advice and representation to corporate entities and private individuals nationwide. In doing so, we are able to apply our extensive prior experience of representing many of the UK’s leading insurance companies from whom any compensation is likely to be claimed. This provides us with unparalleled insight and a real strategic advantage when it comes to pursuing and resolving claims.

Resolving claims:

In seeking to resolve your claim, we will consider a range of legal options. In many cases, it is possible to resolve claims without the need to issue legal proceedings and by adopting the appropriate Pre-Action Protocol prescribed by the Civil Procedure Rules. In other cases, mediation, arbitration or adjudication may be appropriate.

Our approach:

The approach we take to your claim will be governed by a wide range of factors, which we will discuss with you. Initially however, we are likely to:

Step 1Arrange an initial consultation, at a time that is convenient for you

Step 2Discuss with you by telephone the nature of your claim, the loss you have suffered and the issues that may arise in connection with it

Step 3Undertake a preliminary assessment of the merits of your claim, together with a conflict check, to confirm that we are able to act for you in relation to it

Step 4Confirm to you the outcome of our preliminary assessment and our ability to act for you

If you wish to progress matters with us, we are then likely to:

Step 5Advise you of the options available for funding your claim and the basis upon which we will act

Step 6Provide you with a retainer letter / agreement and terms and conditions of business

Step 7Examine your claim and the evidence available in relation to it

Step 8Advise you in writing on the merits of your claim and the best way to proceed with it

We have experience of resolving claims against a wide range of professionals.

Using the links below you can learn more about specific professions and some of the common mistakes that give rise to negligence claims against them.