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Uninsured claims:

It is undoubtedly the case that the vast majority of professionals take great pride in the service they provide to their clients. For some, that service is the product of many years of committed study and practical experience, frequently without incident or blemish. It can, therefore, be all the more unsettling when an error or omission does occur, or is alleged to have occurred.

For most professionals PI cover provides much needed protection against the financial consequences of a negligence claim, if not the emotional consequences. In some cases, such cover can also protect against the reputational impact of such claims and the management time that is expended on them. Unfortunately, however, circumstance can arise where such cover is not available, leaving the practice, the professional or both, financially exposed. This may occur, for example, where:

  • The claim arises from activities which are expressly excluded from the scope of cover
  • The value of the claim exceeds the level of cover available under the policy
  • The claim has been made after the expiry of the policy or any run-off policy
  • PI cover for a particular claim has been declined
  • The policy has been avoided ab initio
  • PI cover has been mis-placed or not placed at all

In other cases, protracted coverage disputes can arise, leaving a professional potentially exposed and having to respond to a claim as a prudent uninsured.

How we can assist:

If you or your practice is in the unfortunate position of having to respond to a professional negligence claim without the full benefit of professional indemnity cover, we can assist you.

At PNC Legal we provide specialist legal advice and representation to uninsured corporate entities and sole practitioners nationwide. In doing so, we are able to apply the extensive prior experience we have of defending claims on behalf of a wide range of professionals and their professional indemnity insurers.

Resolving claims:

In seeking to resolve the claim against you, we will work closely with you and any broker you have retained. In doing so, we will seek to devise tailored solutions that take into account not only the legal merits of a claim, but also the commercial and reputational implications too. We will also consider a variety of alternative dispute resolution methods in order to achieve both an early and efficient resolution of the claim. These may include mediation, arbitration, adjudication or early neutral evaluation.

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