Professional Negligence Solicitors

As specialist professional negligence solicitors, we offer an un-paralleled level of legal support, guidance and representation, to those clients across Manchester and Greater Manchester who have incurred substantial losses as a result of professional negligence and who wish to claim compensation.

Why clients in Manchester instruct us as their professional negligence solicitors

We are often told by clients that they have approached us because we have been recommended to them by another professional adviser and because we are genuine specialists in our field.

In many cases, our clients already have existing relationships with other firms of solicitors, who are well-placed to service their general legal needs. However, it is exceptionally rare that any of those law firms can compete with our claims experience or depth of knowledge in this niche area of legal practice. In these circumstances, clients appoint us to enhance, rather than disrupt, their existing professional support network and to ensure that they are not left disadvantaged.

The fact that all of our solicitors practice exclusively through Keystone Law, a multi-award-winning top 100 UK law firm, with a head office in Central London, is a feature of our service provision that we are also told is attractive to clients.

Professional negligence claims upon which we advise

We act in claims against a wide range of professionals, including:

We do not act in claims for medical negligence or personal injury, which are separate areas of legal practice. However, where professional negligence has occurred during the course of such claims, we do work hand-in-hand with highly experienced solicitors who specialise exclusively in these areas.

Where to meet us in Manchester

The nature of our work, combined with our effective use of modern technology, means that ‘in person’ client meetings are now very rarely required. Happily, this means that clients can enjoy all the benefits of our specialist services, without worrying about the geographical limits of old.

Further, and for those rare occasions where an ‘in person’ meeting is required, we maintain meeting room facilities in many of the major commercial centres across England. The location of our meeting rooms in Manchester can be found below.

By adopting this modern and dynamic approach, we are able to deliver a much more cost-effective service, where clients pay for our knowledge and expertise, not our rent.

Types of clients we act for

Although we are not selective, clients who typically instruct us are owner-managed businesses, commercial entities, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, as well as a range of professionals, including other solicitors, barristers, doctors, dentists and liquidators.

The vast majority of our clients, including our professional clients, instruct us to pursue a professional negligence claim on their behalf, as the party claiming compensation for a financial loss or liability they have suffered.

However, on occasions we also act for uninsured defendants, some of whom may have grounds upon which to pursue a related professional negligence claim against a third-party. This varied experience provides us with greater insight and a broader understanding of the claims resolution process, which in turn strengthens our case analysis and enables us to provide our clients with more intelligent solutions to their claims.

Frequently asked questions

Professional negligence claims are unfamiliar territory for the majority of people and we are experienced in answering a multitude of questions about them. Two of the questions that we most commonly get asked are:

1.     Are there grounds for making a professional negligence claim?

As might be expected, assessing the merits of a professional negligence claim is often a complicated and time-consuming process which will require not only a forensic analysis of the background events giving rise to the claim, but also the application of a considerable body of case law.

However, such an assessment can be approached incrementally and our own assessment process usually starts with an initial telephone consultation. This enables us to obtain a broad understanding of the facts and features relating to the claim and to identify the key issues likely to arise in a litigation context. Equipped with this knowledge, we are usually able to provide preliminary advice on the different ways in which the claim could be approached.

2.     How much does it cost to pursue a professional negligence claim?

The answer to this question typically depends on a very wide range of factors. Moreover, and as neither professional negligence claims nor the parties involved with them are homogeneous, bare estimates can prove to be unreliable at best and at worst, entirely misleading.

For these reasons, and in keeping with our core values, we provide all our prospective clients with a considered and transparent estimate of our costs before we commence work. In doing so, we are able to leverage our considerable and wide-ranging experience of this specialist area of law. Simultaneously, if not before, we also advise on the related issue of litigation funding, including the merits of using conditional fee agreements.

We are mindful that funding litigation can place a significant financial burden on our clients and we continually monitor litigation costs throughout our engagement. By conducting all of our claims using experienced solicitors, and by relying on modern technology and working practices, we strive to ensure that our legal services are not only delivered to the highest standards, but in a manner that is more valuable and more cost-effective for our clients.

How to contact us

If you would like to arrange an initial telephone consultation with an experienced professional negligence solicitor, free of charge or commitment, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or by completing the form on this page. With us, you are in the best possible hands.

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