The Property Ombudsman

The Property Ombudsman –
An Unbiased Guide

In this unbiased guide we answer many of the questions frequently asked by dissatisfied clients of property professionals, about the dispute resolution service provided by The Property Ombudsman.

Authorised Push Payment Fraud

Authorised Push Payment Fraud:
Can I claim for compensation?

In this informative article we explain how Authorised Push Payment fraud arises and the legal action that may be available to victims seeking compensation.

Assessment of solicitors costs

Assessment of solicitors’ costs – Essential case examples

In this article we provide a helpful account of the law and key court decisions governing applications by clients for an assessment of solicitors’ costs.

Solicitors bills rules

Solicitors’ Bills Rules – What you
should know

In this practical guide we explain what the solicitors’ bills rules are and why they are important when it comes to the recoverability and assessment of the fees and disbursements claimed in solicitors’ bills.

Compensation awards for broker negligence

Compensation awards for broker negligence

In this article we examine the types of loss for which compensation is awarded to unsatisfied policyholders in claims arising from broker negligence.

Claimant errors

Claimant errors in professional negligence claims

In this practical guide we identify and discuss those errors commonly made by claimants embarking on a professional negligence claim.

Limiting liability

Limiting Liability for Professional Negligence

In this article we examine the legal principles that apply to clauses limiting liability for professional negligence and the extent to which they can be relied upon.

Legal expenses insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance for
Professional Negligence Claims

In this practical guide we comment on the availability and suitability of legal expenses insurance as an option for funding a professional negligence claim.

Multiple defendants

Multiple defendants in professional negligence: Which to sue?

In this article we discuss the issues to consider when deciding which defendant(s) to sue in cases where multiple professionals appear to have been negligent.

Reduce legal costs

How to reduce legal costs in professional negligence claims

In this short guide, we set our top tips on how to reduce legal costs when instructing a solicitor to pursue a claim for professional negligence.

Solicitor's duty to warn

Solicitor’s duty to warn: Lyons v Fox Williams

In this report we consider and comment upon the latest decision from the Court of Appeal on the solicitor’s duty to warn clients of unforeseen risks.

Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance Report

Solicitors’ Professional Indemnity Insurance Report

In this post we highlight some of the key findings from The Law Society’s annual research report for 2017-18 on the professional indemnity insurance market for solicitors.