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As specialist professional negligence solicitors, we offer an unparalleled level of legal support, guidance, and representation to those clients in Birmingham and the West Midlands who have incurred substantial losses as a result of professional negligence and wish to claim compensation.

When a professional fails to act in accordance with the high standards of skill and attention justly demanded of them, there can be significant repercussions for the businesses and individuals who rely on their services.

As leading professional negligence solicitors, we help clients when such circumstances arise. Our professional advice extends far beyond determining whether, and to what extent, a compensation claim may be appropriate; it also includes devising intelligent litigation solutions aimed at resolving their professional negligence disputes as favourably and efficiently as possible.

Why clients in Birmingham instruct us as their professional negligence solicitors

Many of our clients approach us due to our reputation as professional negligence specialists. We are highly commended, both by previous clients and by other professional advisers, within our chosen field.

While it is often the case that our clients have existing relationships with other firms of solicitors who are well-placed to service their general legal needs, it is incredibly rare that any of these firms can compete with the expertise we have in this niche area of legal practice. Our claims experience and depth of specialist knowledge is therefore regarded as invaluable by our clients, who invariably wish to enhance their existing professional support network and maximise their prospects of success.

The fact that all our solicitors practice exclusively through Keystone Law, a multi-award-winning top 100 UK modern law firm headquartered in Central London, is a feature of our service provision that is also attractive to clients.

Where to meet us in Birmingham

While the nature of our work, combined with our effective use of modern technology, means that ‘in-person’ client meetings are very rarely required, we nevertheless maintain meeting facilities for this purpose in many of the major commercial centres across England, including in Birmingham. The location of our Birmingham meeting rooms can be found below.

Professional negligence claims upon which we advise

We act in claims against a wide range of professionals, including:

Whilst we do not act in medical negligence or claims for personal injury, we are ideally placed to work closely with highly experienced solicitors within our network whose specialisms focus solely in these areas of legal practice.

Types of clients we act for

We are by no means selective in the type of clients we act for, although clients who typically instruct us are:

  • Owner-managed businesses
  • Commercial entities
  • Ultra-high-net-worth individuals
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • A range of professionals, including other solicitors, barristers, doctors, dentists and liquidators

The majority of our clients ask us to act on their behalf in order to pursue a professional negligence claim, seeking compensation for a financial loss or liability they have sustained.

Occasionally, however, we represent uninsured defendants, some of whom may have grounds to bring a related professional negligence claim against a third party. This diverse expertise gives us better insight and a deeper understanding of the claims settlement process, which enhances our case analysis and enables us to propose more intelligent solutions for our clients’ claims.

What clients say about our professional negligence solicitors

As leading professional negligence solicitors, we strive to deliver not only comprehensive legal support, but also an attentive and reassuring service experience for our clients.  For this reason, we value greatly the client feedback that we receive and we are delighted to be able to share the following unprompted comments from some of our clients:

“Your advice proved always to be correct, informative and accurate on every occasion. The ease of accessibility to contact you and get immediate replies via email or direct telephone contact is a credit to you as is the friendly manner in which you work.”

“Jonathan has been an excellent support throughout the process and has given us confidence in how the legal process works at every step of the way.”

“Thank you very much for achieving this outcome. It certainly would not have happened without you, your tenacity and professional expertise.”

These, and many of the other comments we have received from our clients, can be viewed within the Testimonials section of our website.

Frequently asked questions

As specialists in professional negligence claims, we are well versed in answering questions about this area of law, which is unfamiliar to the majority of people, including many professionals. Two of our most frequently asked questions are:

1.      Are there grounds for making a professional negligence claim?

This is undoubtedly an easier question to ask than it is to answer and, to do so reliably and assuredly, usually requires a detailed assessment of the matter concerned. Each of the professional negligence claims upon which we act benefits from a careful examination, and more often than not, a rigorous analysis of the background events. In turn, this assists us in more accurately comparing and contrasting the court decisions that have been reached in a multitude of other professional negligence cases.

However, our assessment will usually go much further, enabling us to advise not just on whether there are grounds for a claim, but also on other factors that may have a material bearing on its success, such as evidential issues, limitation issues and commercial issues.

We do have considerable experience of dealing with both multi-party and document heavy cases, where we take a methodical, but cost efficient, approach. To assimilate large volumes of information and predict key issues likely to arise in a litigation context, we will often work with specialist third-party software providers to collate, host, analyse and review both electronic and hard copy documents.

A telephone consultation makes an excellent starting point for assessing the merits of a claim and from this, we are typically able to provide preliminary advice on the different ways in which even the most complex claims could be approached.

2.      How much does it cost to pursue a professional negligence claim?

Naturally, the answer to this question is dependent on a varied range of factors and ‘off the cuff’ estimates can prove wholly inaccurate, due to the disparate nature of professional negligence claims and the parties involved.

However, and in furtherance of our core values, through which we are committed to being entirely upfront and transparent with our clients about our fees and charges, we almost always provide a considered estimate of costs to our potential clients before commencing work.

In addition, we remain mindful throughout our retainer that funding a professional negligence claim can prove challenging for our clients and we provide advice and assistance on litigation funding where required.

By leveraging our experience in this specialist area of law, in combination with our utilisation of modern technology and reliance on experienced solicitors to conduct claims, we also ensure that not only do we maintain the highest service standards, but we also embed cost-efficiency across our case management protocols.

How to contact us

If you would like to arrange an initial consultation with us, free of charge or commitment, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, email or by completing the form on this page. With us, you are in the best possible hands.

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