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Coverage disputes:

Insurance intermediaries have a valuable role to play when allegations of professional negligence arise and will often be the first port of call for the policyholder that retains them. While the level of claims support that a broker is able to provide will vary from one to another, all brokers will wish to act in, and protect, the best interests of their client.

Brokers are often well placed to advise on such matters as the primary and excess layer insurance arrangements in place for a policyholder and the notification obligations that a policyholder must comply with. Brokers can also play an important role in identifying and seeking to smooth over any coverage issues or concerns that arise. However, brokers are not legal advisers and, understandably where a policy dispute arises between an insurer and its policyholder, there are limitations to the support they can be expected to provide.

How we can assist:

At PNC Legal we act in partnership with brokers, to provide extended legal support to policyholders. We do so by advising on and resolving a variety of coverage disputes in relation to professional indemnity and other policy claims including, by way of example:

  • Whether a claim falls outside the scope of the policy
  • Whether a claim may be avoided for breach of a condition precedent
  • Whether a policy may be avoided on the grounds of material non-disclosure
  • Whether a policy may be avoided on the grounds of misrepresentation
  • Whether a policy may be avoided for breach of warranty
  • Whether a policy or claim may be avoided for breach of the duty of fair presentation
  • Whether a claim arises from a previously notified circumstance
  • Whether a series of claims is capable of aggregation for policy purposes

We are uniquely placed to do so because we do not act for insurers and because of our extensive experience of dealing with professional negligence claims and the coverage issues they can give rise to.

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