Our ambitions & core values

We are not embarrassed to admit that we are ambitious. Our chief ambition is a simple one: to be consistently recognised as the “go to” specialists for commercial entities and private individuals, seeking better results in substantial claims for professional negligence.

However, while our ambitions drive us, it is our core values that really define us and through which we are committed to:

    • Putting the interests of our clients first, second and third
    • Maintaining the highest standards of integrity, without compromise
    • Working closely and collaboratively with our clients, and each other, to build strong and trusted relationships
    • Providing advice to our clients which is intelligible, meaningful and carefully considered
    • Promoting a safe and supportive environment in which our employees can feel confident and flourish
    • Developing new skills and methodologies to improve ourselves and, in turn, the service to our clients
    • Delivering value and efficiency for our clients through technology and modern working practices
    • Being entirely upfront and transparent with our clients about our fees and charges

We have experience of resolving claims against a wide range of professionals.

Using the links below you can learn more about specific professions and some of the common mistakes that give rise to negligence claims against them.