Our service provision

Our solicitors practice exclusively through Keystone Law, a multi-award winning top 100 UK law firm. This means that:

  • Keystone Law will be the counter-party to any retainer or fee agreement and the representative law firm in any court proceedings
  • By leveraging both our structural and operational efficiencies, we can afford to charge our clients less, making the legal services we provide even better value for money
  • We can call upon over 450 partner-level solicitors “in-house”, in a wide range of other specialist areas of legal practice
  • We employ the latest technology to deliver our legal services in a way which is not only dynamic, but time and cost efficient as well
  • We are supported by a highly experienced team of paralegals, secretaries, accountants and office clerks, committed to delivering a seamless experience for our clients
  • Client meetings can be held at Keystone Law’s offices in Central London or at its meeting rooms in Leeds, Newcastle and Bristol
  • The legal services we provide are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  • We are fully insured for the legal services that we provide


We have experience of resolving claims against a wide range of professionals.

Using the links below you can learn more about specific professions and some of the common mistakes that give rise to negligence claims against them.